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PHEM Source Code

PHEM is based on the Palm OS Emulator, a debugging and development tool for Palm Programmers originally written by Greg Hewgill and later developed by Palm, Inc. As such, it is licensed under the GNU Public License, v2.

There are three components to PHEM:

The Native Libary

The core emulator is derived from POSE, and is written in C++. For PHEM, it has been converted to run as a native library ( It can be built with the Android NDK tools. Changes include:

Source for the native library can be downloaded here.

The Android UI

The user interface of PHEM is written in Java, and runs as a traditional Android application, making native calls to support the emulation functions. It requires Google's App Compatibility Libraries for Fragments (v4) and Action Bar support (v7).

Source for the Android UI can be downloaded here.

The Updated HostFS Library

Palm, Inc. provided the original HostFS library source code which allows the emulator to simulate card storage via a directory on the host system. This source has been modified to (a) compile under PRC-Tools, and (b) support accurate reporting of available storage to the host system.

Source for the HostFS library can be downloaded here.

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