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PHEM and the TRG Palm Devices

PHEM supports the TRG Palms - the TRG Pro and the Handera 330 - but with a few quirks and limitations.

Card Storage Unsupported

The TRG Pro and the Handera 330 have the VFS Manager feature, but don't implement it in the same way as other Palms. The HostFS library that PHEM uses does not work on TRG Pro and Handera 330 ROMs, so - at least for now - emulated storage isn't supported.

(Well... maybe you could get it working. Under POSE, the TRG Pro and Handera 330 can do storage, but they don't do it to a host directory. They emulate the actual hardware of a CF or SD card, and mount a file that's essentially a binary image of such a device. And they only emulate an 8MB card. If you got such an image, and hacked the .poserrc config file, you might get storage support... but that's totally unsupported and I haven't tried it and I wouldn't bet on it.)

Sound Output Limited To Standard Palm Tones

The TRG Pro and Handera 330 could play .WAV files and such with their enhanced speakers and special software, but that hardware isn't emulated by PHEM. You're stuck with the standard beeps and boops.

The Handera 330 Always Resumes Powered Off

I haven't bothered to figure out why this is the case, but it's true of POSE as well. Just hit the "Power" button in the action bar to switch it on.

The Handera 330's Hi-Res Screen Is Supported

The H330 had an excellent screen for the time, and PHEM supports its full 240x320-pixel glory. In fact, when PHEM is first run, it installs a special Handera 330 skin that maximizes the use of Android screen real estate.

However, that skin doesn't include the extra side button and jog dial of the H330. If you want that, you'll need to install an actual Handera 330 POSE skin. See the Skins page for some places to get skins.

Might As Well Turn "High Resolution Skins" Off

If you're using the built-in Handera skin, then there's no real point in using the 'double scale' version of the skin. The higher-resolution versions of skins really only make the case and buttons of the emulated Palm look better; the screen is still the normal resolution - in the Handera 330's case, 240x320. But the built-in Handera skin doesn't have any of that stuff. So the only thing that having the "High Resolution Skins" setting checked does is increase the memory taken up by the screen, meaning more data has to get moved around to no good effect.

If you're using the built-in Handera skin - and unless you're on a big tablet, you should, since it maximizes the usable screen area - just go to the Advanced Settings screen, turn off "High Resolution Skins", and hit "Apply". Especially on a slow device, you'll probably notice a speed boost.

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